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I may use my Independence Day weekend to wipe that computer and reinstall Windows. This computer is in the same room as another ward's computer, which works just fine.

These 25012 error messages can appear during program installation, while a Sophos Ltd.-related software program (eg.

We forced a program update to version 10 (this issue existed before the forced update from 9.5), but it cannot connect to the servers to get the virus definitions.

I have included a text log of the output for the update attempt.

If there is no solution found, then I will go to the global services, but I prefer to exhaust all my resources before having to go to someone that will end up using tithing dollars.

Adam Have you confirmed you are behind the church firewall?

Now when I go to the add/remove programs, I cannot find either of the three or four Sophos programs that were on the list.

I have confirmed that they are still on the computer and functioning.

Any help on this error would be greatly appreciated.We also tried to right click on the Sophos icon in the tray and click on "Update Now".The window also confirms that there is an issue contacting the server.So I backed up the data, wiped the hard drive and started over. Ok, sounds like this problem will have to wait till after the stake conference broadcast this weekend.The last time the tried to broadcast, it failed, then I got called to this calling.nothing like needing to make sure that it works when a general authority is here.Oh well, I guess if does not go well, then they can release me Adam Sophos on the clerk's computer in my home ward hasn't updated for many months.I think I did force it to upgrade to Sophos 10, but that didn't fix it.I tried uninstalling Sophos using the utility provided by the GSC, and then reinstalling Sophos 10, but that didn't fix it. Maybe I will call the GSC this afternoon to see if they can figure out why Sophos can't connect to the Sophos update server.Often times experimentation can lead to a greater problem. Trust me this is not so much experimentation, this is basic troubleshooting.Worst case scenario, I have to dump the OS and reinstall all the programs (not hard, just requires time), but I am hopeful that someone has encountered a solution to the problem.

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