Israel and headstones dating from 1096 to 1105 ce

It is one of the earliest examples of Adversos-Judaeum , theology, which concludes that Jews have been abandoned by God, and thus by the church and all Christians.

It was read in churches in the first three centuries, though it was not included as part of the canon. Rabbi Gamliel was the successor to Rabbi Johanan Ben Zakai who had set up the talmudic academy in Yavneh after the war against Rome.

Written in Greek, its goal was to deter new Christians from being influenced by Judaism , stressing that Jews no longer share in God's covenant.

Roman General Flavius Silva succeeded in breeching the Judean desert stronghold held by Elazar ben Yair. At the same time the Governor also murdered a few thousand wealthy Jews and appropriated their property. He played an active part in the capture of the Galilee during the Jewish revolt.

Of the 960 people who took refuge on Masada, only two women and five children survived. Convinced the poorer Jews of Cyrene to revolt by promising them as a "prophet" that he would walk them through the desert. Upon Vespasian's appointment as ruler of Rome, he was given command of the Roman forces in Eretz-Israel.

The last Hillelite Patriarch was Gamliel VI (b.370- d.425).

Judah Ha Nasi's greatest contribution was collecting and codifying the Mishna.

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