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It was important that he look wild and dangerous, yet still be recognizable as himself.I did a few sketches to work out how to approach the werewolf design.He is not particularly impressive or manly in any way, but there does not seem to be anything wrong with him either.He has a pretty girlfriend named Lily, but he is quiet and very insecure, especially about their relationship.Posted in Design Documentation Tags: alani, Alani Gaunt, America, AMERIKA: a notebook in three parts, Arcanum Productions, art, black and white, cinema, community based film, culture, design, experimental, film, gaunt, green filmmaking, history, identity, jacob coburn, Japan, jay nolan, likeness, make-up, makeup, makeup artist, Mika Johnson, museum, Oberlin College, ohio, process, progression, special effects, storytelling, sustainability, visual The Lone Wolf is Jacob Coburn’s senior cinema studies thesis film.The main character is a young college student named Alan.

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I decided that one of the most distinctive markers of exaggerated masculinity is strong bone structure.

The film follows Alan as his jealousy and paranoia grow, and he has an increasingly violent recurring dream about a creature attacking Lily and Todd in the woods at night.

Throughout the film, Alan has a bandage on his arm, covering a dog bite that is mysteriously slow to heal.

For those of us involved in , it gave us the chance to work collaboratively and intensely on an independent film production in design positions, without the need to divide our attention between the film, classes, and other projects.

My involvement as the makeup designer for this leg of ’s development allowed me to spend the fall semester before Winter Term concentrating on pre-production design work.

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