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She clearly thinks the world of Johnny as an actor, but simply isn’t interested in pursuing a romance with him.” The outlet’s dubious insider goes on to note that Ridley is currently dating actor Charlie Hamblett, but also claims that Amber Heard’s domestic abuse allegations against Depp have also factored into her decision.

“He isn’t accustomed to being turned down, especially by a younger actress,” adds the tabloid’s questionable source.

Amber Heard has included a horrifying photo of Johnny Depp's finger after he allegedly cut off the tip during a fit of rage in court papers filed in her domestic abuse case against the actor.

TMZ reports that the incident occurred last March while Depp was in Australia and 'drunk and high on ecstasy.'He had been speaking with Heard on the phone while she was filming The Danish Girl in London when they began to fight and he threw the phone at some glass, causing the injury.

The photos of the injured finger and writing in the blood and paint mixture have been entered as exhibits in the case.

Heading home: The actor was forced to return to the United States after the injury (above in April after he returned to Australia with Heard), which delayed production on Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales four weeks Heard is also claiming in court papers that Depp did not have the finger treated until almost 24 hours after he sliced off the top of the digit, and that doctors had to use a flap of skin from his hand to fashion a new tip.

Johnny Depp never tied the knot in his past 14-year relationship with Vanessa Paradis, but now — after less than two years together — he's ready to walk down the aisle with new love Amber Heard. 17, sources confirmed to Us Weekly that Depp, 50, is engaged to his why he hadn't wed French actress and singer Paradis, now 41, the mother of his children Lily-Rose, 14, and Jack, 11.You don't need somebody to say, okay you're married." That being said, however, the star clarified that he wasn't opposed to marriage."If Vanessa wanted to get hitched, why not," he said.The court papers claim that Depp then took his bloody finger and dipped it in blue paint before using the mixture of the two liquids to write 'STARRING,' 'Billy Bob, ' and 'Easy Amber' on the wall.'Billy Bob' is Billy Bob Thornton claims Heard, who had starred in the 2008 film The Informers with the actress and then London Fields, which will be released later this year.Depp was reportedly accusing Heard, 30, of having an affair with the 61-year-old actor during the fight, which occurred in his Australian villa while he was filming the latest installment of Pirates of the Caribbean."But the thing is, I'd be so scared of ruining her last name.She's got such a good last name." Thestar has been married once before to Lori Anne Allison from 1983 to 1985.just about every other website on the Internet that doesn't have "porn" in the title.) Sources claim Johnny is broke thanks to decades of living a lifestyle so extravagant that he stopped just short of filling a swimming pool with gold coins, a la Scrooge Mc Duck.Just to give you an idea of what we're talking about - the man spent ,000 a month on wine. Anyway, despite the bad press surrounding his finances, and the continued negative attention paid to his messy divorce from Amber Heard, Depp is still one of the biggest movie stars on the planet.He's previously been engaged to actresses Jennifer Grey, Sherilyn Fenn and Winona Ryder, and had a talked-about four-year relationship with supermodel Kate Moss.PHOTOS: Johnny Depp's movie makeovers Depp and Paradis announced their breakup in June 2012 after 14 years together. It wasn't easy on the kids," he told in July 2013. The trajectory of that relationship — you play it out until it goes, one thing leads to another.

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