Harry and ginny dating fanfiction

See, Harry and Ginny had come home to The Burrow for one of Mum's command performance Sunday dinners, and since it was a 'command performance,' everyone had come.Mum had asked the girls—Hermione, Fleur, and Ginny—to help in the kitchen and shooed the rest of us (in other words, the men), out into the garden to set up tables and chairs.A/N: Written for the summer fest at hg_silverlining, as a fill for the following prompt: The Weasley brothers have a good talk with Harry and set rules for him about dating their sister. He likes Harry, and I know he hasn't got a problem with Harry and Ginny seeing each other in 'that way.' Which explains why he didn't… Bill, I think, was just being overprotective of her—he's always been that way, but since Ginny's first year, it's become even more obvious.

A prime example of this is the Yule Ball fiasco, continuing through the Second Task. But then, this was Hermione, who knew him better than anyone else. I get nervous just thinking about talking with her.” He looked up at Hermione and grinned. Harry groused that as far as he was concerned this whole ball thing was a task in and of itself.

And that was before they found themselves hanging upside down, dressed in eye-watering green, red, purple, orange, and hot-pink, with striped hair and what looked to be permanently attached clown noses.

She stood there, looking exactly like one of those Amazon warrior witches Hermione made me learn about, every bit as strong and fierce and powerful as Harry had said she was.

They're my brothers, and I love them, but I don't know what else to call them. I've got some ideas for some better, more descriptive words, but Hermione wouldn't approve, so prats it is. Or maybe you'll give me a Portkey that lands me in a colony at feeding time? Or that, when I broke out of Gringotts, I was on the back of another dragon, one that had been abused and mistreated for decades? The conversation had gone from mildly amusing to mildly annoying to completely mental. About so tall—" I held my hand up to the top of my shoulder—"red hair and freckles? Took that bloke from the Falcons completely out of the match last week? What was funnier than watching the choreographed head-turning was watching the expressions flit across their faces. You could almost smell the guilt, just oozing off them like the grease from Snape's hair. "Point taken." He grabbed her hand and the two of them headed down the path away from The Burrow, the prats' wands still sticking out of Ginny's back pocket. No way I'm letting them down until Gin-Gin and Harrykins tell me I can." He shuddered theatrically.

Anyway, we had the tables and George behind us, and Bill, Charlie, and Percy were in front of us, and there was nowhere for us to go. Your dragons don't scare me, Charlie." George shrugged and looked like he wondered what that had to do with the price of butterbeer in China, and Harry sighed and leaned back against the table, crossing his arms over his chest again. It's only fair that you get your chance, too." "You're taking the mickey, right? We'd been doing that—thinking along the same wavelength, I mean—a lot more lately, ever since we've been working more closely together trying to come up with more products for the shop. See, I'd decided I didn't want to completely rat out my brothers, especially since Harry'd already taken care of them. " He nodded, his eyes wide with fear, and she continued, "There will be no threats. I know I don't need to say this because he's obviously perfectly capable of defending himself against you lot, but I want to make this clear. You will let me make my own decisions, and if those decisions turn out to be mistakes, you will let me live with the consequences. " She tapped her wand against her leg and glared at them again. I couldn’t contain my smile when I remembered old Mad-Eye and his admonitions about storing our wands there.

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