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But now that I became one of the subjects, I realized they're not believable.I heard through the rumors that I was dating UEE, and we laughed together when we saw it.Sometimes some little actions though not meant to be bad may cause the girl friend to misunderstand and make her cry.” And later added: “Kim Hyun Joong gives the bad boy image”.“I like girls whom I can joke around like friends and is cheerful yet sexy.” Kim Hyun Joong emphasized his ideal type on one hand yet later said: “But once the person I like appear, I will pretend I don’t care.” After this sentence, everyone was shocked.Kim Hyun Joong said, “There’s nothing that I’m lacking because I’ve never had a proper relationship.Although my personal life has been somewhat violated, I was fortunate enough to get chosen among 1 million people who auditioned and debuted. That’s the reason why I should think about this matter and be happy regardless.” He continued, “If I had to become an idol once again, I wouldn’t be able to do it. N’Sync in America is considered an artist, but in Korea and Japan idols aren’t seen as artists, and their image is limited.” He spoke honestly about how idols are viewed.He said, “Originally I used to like favoring a girl, but for the first time while filming ‘Inspiring Generation‘, I felt that I could get attracted to a girl who can treat me well.” In “Inspiring Generation,” Ok Ryeon (Jin Se Yeon) has a crush on Shin Jung Tae (Kim Hyun Joong), and stays by his side while showing unconditional love to him.

“I endured it and think I should be happy for this very reason.” He does think that things are changing. “I think social conditions have changed a lot,” he said.After that, the staff kept teasing us, so I jokingly said 'she's my girlfriend', and that became the fuel for another round of rumors.It's a scary world."He added, "We were all close during the filming, but I don't think I could ever be dating UEE like the rumors suggest." i really like uee and her mother was so sweet,, she ( uee's umma) actually said shes actually happy if they are really dating... i'll just wait the time he'll announce that hes going to marry bcoz he particularly said he would not admit to any relationship until he was going to marry..“Ever since I started as an idol, there was no time to rest and I could not date properly,” he said in an interview with Sports Seoul. Everything they do is examined and discussed, sometimes criticized.“Idols can date but you become conditioned to thinking you can’t,” he said. But they are young and they are also human like everyone else, so it’s unfortunate.” He does not regret the sacrifice he made, both in time and privacy. “Although it felt like an invasion of privacy at times, it was also a privilege.SS501 thinks that the “member who will likely to make a girl cry during dating period” is Kim Hyun Joong.SS501 revealed this on SBS POWER FM’s POWER TIME program scheduled on the 10th.I’m the type that likes the girl more, but watching Ok Ryeon, I felt realized I should marry a girl like her (who likes me more).” Kim Hyun Joong has been praised for his acting in the role of Shin Jung Tae in KBS2 drama “Inspiring Generation”.birthday, he has put some more thought into the kind of girl he wants to marry.It was nice to have a pretty girl who cared for me and treated me nicely.Although I do have to like the girl, when I watched Ok Ryeon, I began to think that I should marry this kind of girl.” Was he swayed by the character or the actress?

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