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"A lot of the platforms out there start from places of restraint. So if you're a woman, you've already met all the guys who could've had potential."Former lawyer and author of 'Courting Samira', Amal Awad, 36, can recall the conundrums she and her university friends would have over the concept of dating."When I was in my early 20s.For example, you'll filter things down from: Do they wear covering? I remember meeting with other Muslims – we were all brainstorming ideas like how can we make it halal to date," she laughed."Muslims who are very observant of their faith would have difficulty meeting people because they are strict ideas and limitations with how you interact with the opposite sex."The Sydneysider said she never dated in her twenties ("it just didn't happen").

They have the ideal of the working wife, but their ideal doesn't match the reality."Women with successful careers - the lawyers, the doctors, the CEOs - are usually overlooked. The marriage issue seems to be the biggest issue that is facing Muslims in terms of their personal lives."The growing difficulty in meeting like-minded Muslims has also led Canadian-born Khalil Jessa to develop 'Salaam Swipe', a mobile dating app for Muslims.This group is for those who are looking for social gathering or to make some friends and just don't know where to meet or make friends.We will have different dinner/lunch/bbq/coffee catchups to know each other and make some good friends.We will also plan some picnics and sports activities time to time.We also encourage our members to provide us any ideas and we may be able to organise these gatherings.Parents who have migrated to Western countries no longer have the same extended family and community connections they once did in their home country, Dr Ahmad said, who researches Muslim marriages and relationships in Britain.With smaller social networks, parents aren't able to provide their children with suitable matrimonial partners.Jessa, founder of Salaam Swipe, also insisted that using a Muslim dating app is a good indicator of one's commitment to their faith and cultural values."I think there's an assumption that it will be like other apps out there that are used in a more nefarious way," he said."You know the very fact that they're on a Muslim site, already shows that they have a different intention in mind.Although she's now married, Awad said online technology would have been a great help during her quest for love."Using the internet has absolutely open doors that would have been completely closed to us before."While convenient and an obvious by-product of modern technology, Dr Ahmad isn't convinced online dating is the answer."The development of all these online dating services and apps are very symptomatic of the way Muslim marriage practices are now emulating Western forms of communication."Some people would rather not go to an event because they're afraid of the face to face rejection and so they hide behind the internet.

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