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The e NPS simply asks “how well would you recommend this company to a friend?

” This Ratings Economy has encouraged many companies to let people rate managers, programs, courses, and internal systems.

As these systems grow and evolve in the consumer marketplace, they have now entered the corporation.

If you think about the Feedback Economy in the context of business, it feels more like an “always-on” suggestion box.

The highly engaged organizations are all shapes and sizes: all industries, all sizes, and all ages.

Why is there such a wide variation in employee engagement and retention?

Is it scary to think that employees can give us their opinion any time they want?

Research shows that unhappy employees who stay can be a bigger problem than those who leave – they have an oversized negative impact on everyone else. How can a CEO, manager, or even HR team keep up with everything everyone needs?

The Solution: Employee Feedback as the Killer App Just as customer feedback has transformed the customer experience, employee feedback is transforming the employee experience.

(Even the US Postal Service now uses Yelp.) On Uber, for example, you rate the driver and the driver rates you.

This helps Uber find problem drivers, but also lets the company find problem customers.

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