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This tower module was a standard design for smaller ships in Kuat Drive Yards's starship catalog, which Rothana supplied vessels to.

The main bridge and command center had no windows but relied upon advanced holoscreens Acclamator-class ships had berths for sixteen thousand clone troopers, the equivalent of an entire legion or brigade and its support personnel.

The hull armor of Acclamator-class vessels was impregnated with ultra-dispersive neutronium that withstood and spread massive energy blasts.

Fusion rockets fired by enemy forces barely made a scratch on the hull as a result.

The Acclamator-class's main reactor was located in the middle of the vessel, inside the main superstructure, and was preceded at the frontal half of the ship by multiple fuel tanks.Eighty Low Altitude Assault Transports, of which around 66 were infantry gunships and around 14 were vehicle carriers, were carried to insert personnel, vehicles, and cargo into battle zones in addition to providing close air support.Gunships were suspended along an overhead circulating rail in the upper hangar for maintenance procedures during travels.Secondary reactors were located towards the bow of the vessel.The ship's main thrusters were fitted with eight electromagnetic rudders that deflected the exhaust particle streams and gave boost when turning the ship.This basic design was used in a number of larger craft pre-dating it and would define Imperial ships for decades to come.The bridge was located in the middle of an arrow-shaped command tower module that protruded from the dorsal superstructure.A lower, smaller hangar area was used to embark and disembark ground troops and material via a large ramp when landed.The two levels were connected with elevator platforms.The Star Wars: The Ultimate Visual Guide mentions that the starships and vehicles used by the Republic during the Clone Wars, such as the Acclamator and AT-TE, were "retired" shortly after the end of the conflict.This is inconsistent with what is shown in the post-Revenge of the Sith era, such as Star Wars: Empire at War and the Star Wars: Empire comic series, where they are shown to be in continued use, albeit on the Empire's more remote worlds.

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