Zambian pornsites

The first part of this strategy involves finding sites with high traffic volumes that would be open to adding popup, popunder and back-button scripts to their site for a set monthly fee, usually referred to as a ‘direct buy’.

The types of sites that are most open to this are free movie sites, free/download music sites, torrent sites, porn sites and Android APK sites.

You can usually use it on sites where Google Adsense is not a viable option.

By adding all the scripts listed above and sending the traffic to Monetizer I’ve made an extra 2 over the last seven days.“Neither consumers nor marketers are tuned in to this, because it's not a normal spamming source like email or Twitter.” Kik had previously been spammed by porn sites, but now scammers are going legit, as it were.Other brands that had their identities assumed during the holiday assault included Chipotle, Home Depot, Fitbit, Samsung, Sony, and Walmart.Wikepedia defines drive-by download as two things, each related to the unintended download of computer software from the Internet: Hackers use various techniques to conceal their malicious code, so that antivirus software is unable to identify it.The code is executed in hidden iframes, and can go undetected.This type of malvertising attack is known as a “Drive-by Download”.The term “Drive-by” relates to the fact that users are not consciously installing or clicking anything; they are just browsing a website.Taking advantage of high engagement rates on holidays, the poseurs sent offers of discounts and free gifts from brands and retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, i Pad, and Go Pro.The high value of the offers enticed Kik users to copy catchy URLs like “Testi” and type them into their browsers to fill out forms.Hidden i Framesi Frames and Script Tags are used by hackers to carry out silent and invisible drive-by internet attacks.i Frames allow web developers to embed the content of one web page into another, seamlessly.There are legitimate reasons why some websites may want to use this feature – for example: Gmail, Facebook and e Bay all use iframes to deliver content to their users – but cyber-criminals exploit the functionality by gaining ‘write access’ to the website for the purpose of delivering malware, such as fake anti-virus software, to infect your computer.

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