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I traveled here, arriving just yesterday on an early flight, to answer a question that I’ve had for years: Why would a woman make the very specific choice to marry God?

I’m imagining a certain kind of woman—let’s say a woman like myself, in her mid-thirties and smart and not hard-up and with a few options in life.

Of the men, we have a strategic consultant for an urban-planning firm, a film producer and an engineer for oil and gas.

Top 3 Electric Griddles Phil in the self-help section of every bookstore; a dating site for farmers only; and last but not least, The Pick Up Artist "Mystery" nee Erik von Markovik and his wingman, "J-Dog.

They take up three booths, two tables and two couches around the perimeter of Lowbrow.

Two strong, competing images come to mind when most people hear the word, images from opposite ends of the spectrum: there’s the wizened older woman, scowling in black, who spreads guilt and misery through the parochial school classroom; and then there’s head trip.

My vision is both romantic and austere: a beautiful woman who’s stripped herself bare, who’s wrapped herself in dramatic robes and strapped her head into a wimple and veil and cloistered herself away on lunar-landscape-quiet monastery grounds.

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  1. On 25 October 2007, Kercher and Knox attended a classical music concert where Knox met Raffaele Sollecito, a 23-year-old computer science student at the University of Perugia.1 November was a public holiday in Italy.