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LNI Grado - via Aquileia, 54 - immagine aggiornata ogni 2 minuti ORA GMT 1 Webcam a scopo turistico installata in base alle direttive del Garante della Privacy in materia di "Videosorveglianza: sistemi integrati e telecamere intelligenti a prova di privacy" del 2004 e successive comunicazioni LNI Grado - Porto riva S.One of the worst service in Internet and whole cosmos! Of course, you won't be able to date the 19 or 20 year olds here. Use good services, stop using the bad expensive ones. And even if they did, why would you want to talk to women who are paid to talk to you? This website is collecting your personal information - probably to use themselves or for resale to other websites - promoting Russian and Ukranian women!! I have met some of them and it is all about what she can scam from you.

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what if you are ugly and nobody id interested in you?It's really not so much who is in the picture that matters as much as how the image will be used that determines the need for a release.Since property, such as buildings, vehicles, statutes and animals does not have legal rights, the objects' owners are given authority over whether you can or cannot photograph them.Spam,false pictures,false identity(is an criminal act)-Hands off !!! R ****** TOTAL SCAM *********** Doesn't get any worse than this. 7/9/17This site is run by scammers catering to the scammers from Russia and Ukraine. I have watched this site decline to the point it has nothing but scammers.. The site goal is to maximize traffic targeting foreign men. This is another free site for all you men who keep getting ripped off at these huge expensive dating sites for Russian/Ukrainian women. This service has beautiful women who are actually available. Have made only BAD experience in Rumania and Belarus. I have been to Ukraine many times and every single profile on the site is a scam in varying form. - One needs to be interesting enough to get responses..Ive sent and received over 800 messages and seems Ive found my first real love there. Its ALL about promoting Russian and Ukranian women!! I am 100% certain this site is for the benefit of female scammers from Ukraine and Russia.),no alcohol..ok,but they need only your IP Address(use an IP changer or look after original Header). Been using it for months now and cant really say anything negative about it. they can ask themselves how real theyre themselves?In my case,an original psychiatrist has been handled as divorced andlooking for a partner...ok,but the original person is not amused about using the name and email adress and photos.. The site management is complicit in this game and the only winners here are the scammers and the dating site at the expense of the foreign man. Very often this : Believe in god,daily praying(why not?

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