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Since custom policies take precedence, they are useful for fixing broken workflows, supporting third party plug-ins, and cases where unsupported machine configurations cause the Protected Mode to impair required functionality.Configurable policies have two requirements: Once you’ve enabled policies as described in Enabling custom policies, you can write and deploy a policy file. There can be one per line, empty lines, or full-line comments that begin with a semi-colon.For example, creating and executing files and modifying system information such as certain registry settings and other control panel functions may be prohibited.If a process P runs a child process Q in a sandbox, then Q’s privileges would typically be restricted to a subset of P’s.Protected Mode is one of the most powerful features in Reader’s security arsenal.Note that many dot releases have NOT included a Reader update for Windows because the application is not subject to many vulnerabilities when Protected Mode is enabled. For application developers, sandboxing is a technique for creating a confined execution environment for running untrusted programs.

A sandbox limits, or reduces, the level of access its applications have.These files include files that were neither explicitly opened by the user nor required by Reader to store its preferences and so weren’t white-listed for access.In such cases, the broker is forced to check with the user before granting the Protected Mode sandbox read access to those files.This design has two primary effects: While different users will have different security needs, casual users who interact with PDFs in unsecure environments should enable Protected Mode all the time.There are a limited number of cases where you might want to disable Protected Mode: While Protected Mode can be disabled for PDFs viewed with the product, Adobe continues to protect you when 3rd party software invokes a Reader process; that is, Protected Mode sandboxing cannot be disabled for shell extensions.Logging is available for users who need to troubleshoot problems where a workflow or plugin does not work when Protected Mode is enabled.The log may provide guidance as to whether a custom policy file should be used to re-enable broken workflows or plugins.As the feature evolves in the course of A11 development, it is expected that users will rarely encounter situations where they will see these dialogs.A confirmation dialog is shown for the following cases: Note that these are restricted to access to the user’s disk or network share, not an HTTP(S) URL.In the context of Adobe Reader, the “untrusted program” is any PDF and the processes it invokes.When Reader sandboxing is enabled, Reader assumes all PDFs are potentially malicious and confines any processing they invoke to the sandbox.

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