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Most people can only get by without a few days of food before “snap” reactions begin.Remember ONLY 1 to perhaps 1 and 1/2% of the people have stocked up for just such an emergency.Of course the dogs, the cat, and the bird are killed and cooked up for their meat.

Similar size crowds have also collected around other people’s homes suspected of “hoarding” food.

We usually have fair to good relationships with those that live around us. After a week of starvation and lack of access to food, most neighbors will gather together and head for any house merely “suspected” of having food.

This often leads to the misconception that these neighbors and those that live around our community would never just come and take what we have saved up to keep our family alive after a calamity. Unless those desperate individuals are stopped, they will ransack a home of everything that is in it like a hoarde of hungry locusts.

The majority of the country has become totally reliant on daily shipments of food and other necessities.

An oil emergency in the Middle-East, for example, can severely limit transportation of the goods that people depend on.

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