Tvxq dating on earth soundtrack

But, then, you two people (names could be either male or female (speaking of fox and taiga.....)..have a whole lot of time on your hands to take the time to read, and then the time to post negative comments...... the hottest, sexiest, beautiful man in the whole world..

Less pop and auto tune; Something that shows their real talent as singers. can't believe the people who post negative comments on a site like this.....i don't even know why you bother reading it at all.......i wouldn't bother taking the time to read, and then make negative comments about something i have no interest in.

Previous dramas didn't really do justice to his talent. I hope we will see him in more dramas where he can live up to his potential. Time enjoying your birth parents is time not wasted. I think it would be hard to live your life somedays.... But forget they are real people with hopes, dreams, good days and bad days. Kim Jae Joong has the best and most unique voice in Korea and everywhere. Always looking forward to listening to your songs, not to be prejudice but you have the best singing voice. Talented in so many ways, songwriter composer instrumental player, gosh I can go on and on. He, the one who wouldn't share his sadness and his pain because he's afraid that his fans will worry. and fox AND taiga should look up what the psychiatric association has to say about homophobes......i don't think you'll like the answer and deny it applies to you...

I think you were able to portray the character with excellence! My birthday is today so I am being lazy and watching your Drama... Until I watched Triangle I didn't realize he was such a good actor. They will help you develop into the person you will become in your future years.. But wonder if recent music style reflects how you feel about where you are in life now? Always looking forward to see you on TV however, too many disputes and restrictions, hold your group back. Have more trust in your abilities cause you are great! ;) I was wonderin what movie have I watched this hondsome guy, after checking his biography it turned out that it is on Condename: Jackal or Jackal is coming." Because of that, I had another reason to watch Dr. He is the true leader who always monitoring and caring his members and also manage many thing. fox should write in, if he/she knows how to do so......writing negatively (I'm assuming it's negative even if i don't even know what language it's written in)....writing in a foreign language (on this english written web site), is very cowardly......

Even though they are already enlisted they left gifts for their fans. Please take care of ur health and don't skip meal in military.a good friends with others.comeback successfully..

Both seem to point to some sort of attempt at depth on the group’s part. Hap quickly goes back to the same formula of the first two Korean releases: breathtaking vocals wrapped around simple pop/R&B compositions. The release of the album came with a few repackages.

In terms of album composition, that’s exactly what it seems like: a soundtrack to a film starring our handsome quintet.

Overall the album is what we’d come to expect from DBSK at that point: solid composition that highlights the shade and depth of their vocal abilities.

However, it’s an album that seems to get lost in the packaging, focuses too much on simply maintaining rather than giving us more.

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